Identify needs and solve technological problems

Why do we need innovation

Today, with the increasing advancement of technologies, organizations and companies have no choice but to adapt to changes in their environment to survive and grow. The success of organizations is largely rooted in innovation.

In general, each innovation is presented to solve one of the following problems:

Different forms require innovation and technology in industrial companies

The company must use internal and external ideas and paths to the market as a means to accelerate and improve its Technology and Product Innovation to both solve problems faster and increase the company's revenue

But it is very difficult to strike a balance between the two and to find the right mechanisms for such situations. Networking Identifying the need in the industrial unit and finding a solution to the Technological problem in Knowledge-based companies and Technologists requires the development of various mechanisms to provide the best solution with the most appropriate method and cost for the industrial company.

This approach provides win-win conditions between technology companies and industrial companies. By doing so, the valuable technical and Technological knowledge of Knowledge-based companies and domestic Technology companies will solve the needs of industrial companies with internal capabilities, which in addition to reducing costs for companies, will open the way for new innovations for Technology companies.

Behin Fanavari Mehrad Pajoh co. is ready to provide needs identification services and solve the technology problem of companies and industrial complexes due to its wide communication network in all parts of the country and familiarity with the characteristics of domestic Knowledge-based companies.

?Why Mehradtech

  • Knowledge based Company under the Supervision of The Vice President for Practical and Technology
  • Member of Technology Service Companies and Located in Qom Science and Technology Park
  • Technomarket Broker of Qom Industrial Towns Company
  • Technology Transfer Broker of Nano Headquarters in Qom Province
  • Member of Iran-Korea Technology Transfer Working Group

:Among the distinguishing features of our service in technology transfer are the following

  • Identify the framework and method in accordance with the Standard format to clearly determine the need (technical, financial, economic and commercial)
  • Has a key network of partners and key partners in different provinces to select the best Technology
  • Simultaneously evaluating technical knowledge and preparing a business plan along with advancing negotiations
  • Management on setting the contract according to the needs of the parties and monitoring the accurate implementation of the Technology Transfer process
  • Has a team of technical experts in various fields of Technology to assist companies in Technology research and development
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