Technology Valuation

Valuation of Technical Knowledge

In general, every business owns three types of assets. Monetary assets include money, credit or loans, physical assets including equipment, land, buildings, goods and inventory, intangible or intangible assets including any other non-physical assets (technical knowledge and technology, trademarks, copyrights, patents , Legal licenses).
Today, the intellectual or intangible assets of companies in global trade and earning more income for small and large enterprises are of great importance.

One of the most difficult activities in technology is valuing them. Because technology is a spiritual asset and has intangible value, translating its intangible value into tangible and expressing it in monetary language is a very difficult and complex task that requires a lot of study, research, and training.

A variety of valuation methods

In general, there are two basic approaches to pricing:

  • The first approach: using experimental methods based on trial and error to estimate price (thumb rules)
  • The second approach: using scientific and mathematical methods to estimate prices

Fingerprint estimation, as a common method in enterprises, is an estimate based on the mentality of experts and their experience of the value of the product, based on which a price is set for presentation to the market and then adjusted based on feedback received from the market.

This method is not very useful, because there are different costs, revenues, and risks for different royalties, but it is used as a simple method.

            Scientific Models of Technology Valuation

?Why Mehradtak

  • • Knowledge enterprise Company under the supervision of the Vice President for Practical and Technology
  • • Member of technology service companies and located in Qom • Science and Technology Park
  • • Technology Transfer Agent of Nano Headquarters in Qom Province
  • • Techno market Broker of Qom Industrial Towns Company
  • • Member of Iran-Korea Technology Transfer Working Group

:The distinguishing advantages of valuation in the company include the following

  • Determining value based on 4 methods of revenue cost, market base and real option
  • Determining the amount and manner of investment in accordance with the company's growth cycle
  • Analyze the company's growth cycle and provide a list of suggestions to increase how to attract investors and transfer shares
  • Draw the price in three modes: worst, best and real and offer the most suitable price
  • Provide a list of suggestions for enhancing the value of technology
  • Financial comparison with similar technologies
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